Assignments 3/13

Because of the mandatory school closings, things have changed:


  • The presentation is canceled.
  • We will immediately start building the ROVs when we get back.

Algebra 2:

  • Because we’re working on a trig unit, you’ll need some explanation and a scientific calculator.
  • Instead, I focused on SAT Prep.
  • You can have some practice through the College Board here
  • You can practice through Kahn Academy here


  • I haven’t heard anything about the College Board moving the AP testing date.
  • Because we’re losing 10 days of class time (that’s 12 hours of coding time), and because I have to give you 10 days for the Create Performance Task, and because we should spend about 10 days practicing for the May 15th AP Exam, the really only gives us about 5 days of leeway.
  • For my class, I won’t make anything due at any time over the break.  However, for the AP test, nothing changes.
  • Over the break, try to get through the entire unit (that’s through Lesson 17).  I’ll check my email everyday if you need help with something.

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