Assignments 11/26

November 26, 2019


Students will finish up the basic block-coding unit.  We will focus on loops and functions

  • Everyone should be through Lesson 15 at by the end of today
  • There’s a assignment on Google Classroom you should do if you’re done with everything else

Industrial Engineering:

Students will  incorporate common unit scores and weighted emotional measures

  • We took a quiz
  • Then we did this on paper
  • Then we started to do it on a computer


Students will create collaborate with other students to create a digital scene

  • We went over the Practice Create Performance Task (like the one the College Board wants)
  • We worked on the Practice Create Performance Task Part 1
  • We worked on the Practice Create Performance Task Part 2
  • I showed the Practice Create Performance Task Part 3, which is one of the rubrics

Algebra 2:

Students will translate exponential notation to logarithmic notation and vice versa

  • We did the rest of Pg. 521 for the quiz
  • We took a quiz
  • We took some notes

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