Assignments 9/5


Students will begin block coding on

  • Everyone joined their respective online class
    • 2nd hour Google Classroom join code: ovkt9mx
    • 2nd hour join code: QZVZHV
    • 3rd hour Google Classroom join code: b1fk7b
    • 3rd hour join code: MVXXNJ
    • (if you need help on how to join the class, watch this video)
  • We then started the “Accelerated Intro to CS Course” on


Algebra 2:

Students will use their knowledge of systems to do linear programming

  • We did a little on how to graph systems of inequalities by doing a few problems on page 202.
  • Then we transferred that knowledge to graphing feasible regions on page 209 #2-4.  We’ll get further into it tomorrow.


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