Assignments 10/25

October 25, 2018

Industrial Engineering:

Students will use their knowledge of programming to pursue problems with integer programming

  • We did this Potato Problem
  • If there was time, some people started this similar Orange Problem


Students will begin combining and expanding their knowledge of block coding to create games

  • “Build a Game” is due tomorrow (we’ll use this again at the end of the unit)
  • “Debug It 2” is due Monday (this will help with future assignments)
  • If you happen to be done with both, do “Build a Maze” (make sure you do ALL of the suggestions at the end)

Algebra 2:

Students will find use their knowledge of complex roots to add, subtract, and multiply imaginary numbers

  • We took a few more notes
  • Then we finished up the unit by doing Pg. 386 #9-25

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