Assignments 9/6

September 6, 2018

Industrial Engineering:

Students will practice common unit scores and weights in order to find strengths and weaknesses of their decisions.


Students will use block coding to efficiently solve a puzzle

  • We continued on the Block coding curriculum through
  • I’m thinking everyone should be through Section 5 by the end of the hour tomorrow
  • If you haven’t yet, do this:
    • Sign up for Google Classroom
      • 3rd hour code is: 4y614r
      • 4th hour code is: h8gq2uf
    • Sign up for
      • 3rd hour code is: MVXXNJ
      • 4th hour code is: QZVZHV
    • If you need to know how to do it, watch this:

Algebra 2:

Students will use their knowledge of graphing linear inequalities and their knowledge of substitution in order to minimize or maximize a function using linear programming

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