Assignments 4/12

English 11

Students will review the plot of Macbeth 

  • We watched a version of the first two acts of Macbeth
  • Everyone got a copy of the Act 3 Guided Reading
  • Then we read Act 3 scene 1

Algebra 2

Students will review solving rational functions in order to better understand rational graphs


Students will use the knowledge gained in their explorations of SCRATCH in order to create something simple yet creative

  • Getting Started with SCRATCH – this is just following directions in order to get a feel of where all the commands are located and what they do
  • Debug It! – this is just exploring the individual blocks to see what they do and how to edit a program if something’s not working
  • 10 Blocks – this is using the various explorations we’ve done so far to make something simple yet creative (twice)

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