Assignments 3/23

English 12:

Students will practice an SAT-style response essay with a focus on the thesis.

  • We finished the assignment from yesterday on Google Classroom
  • Everyone got a copy of the Act 2 Guided Reading
  • Then we read Act 2 Scene 1 of Macbeth

Algebra 2:

Students will simplify rational functions using addition/subtraction.

  • We did this Pun
  • We did #1-5 on this Pun for homework
  • We also did some SAT prep through Google Classroom


Students will use simple Block-Coding to solve puzzles through

  • Everyone should be through Section 13 by the end of today.  If you’re not, you have homework (I’m grading Sections 1-13 this weekend)
  • If you’re done with everything, click here.  It’ll tell you what to do next.
  • I’m thinking everyone can be done with everything by the end of the hour on Tuesday.

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