Assignments 11/14

November 14, 2017

Algebra 2:

Students will prove their knowledge of polynomials

  • We did a quick review
  • Then we took a test of the Polynomials unit
  • Then everyone handed everything in

English 12:

Students will revise their written essays in order to state the information orally.

  1. For the Speech Outline: two copies printed (one for me and one for you) at the end of the hour tomorrow, 11/14.  If you want to do some sort of extra credit (PowerPoint, pictures, graphs, etc.), you’ll have to make that available somehow on my computer.  Speeches will be Wednesday and Thursday.
  2. For the Action Step Write-Up: Three paragraphs stapled to any proof of what you did (notes from a supervisor, pictures, emails, phone calls, etc.) by the time you walk in on Wednesday, 11/15.
  3. For the Reflection Step Write-Up: It’s an essay, not just seven answers to seven questions.  You will have about one hour to finish it on Final Exam Day, so you should get it started beforehand.
  4. For the Essay Rewrite: I need the old one and the new one to see what you changed by Final Exam Day.
I’ll also have a Final Exam Review for you, if you don’t have a clear memory of Night.

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