Assignments 3/1

Algebra 2:

Students will review Trig skills for the test

  • We did a review
  • Then we took a test

English 12:

Students will complete the draft of their Research Project

  • We worked on the Final Draft (due today in Google Classroom)

  • We also talked about the Speeches on Monday and Tuesday
  • You must PRINT two copies of the Speech Outline by Friday
  • You can schedule a time to do your speech, but there are no guarantees.  You must be prepared to do it on Monday.  I use a random name generator and if it picks you, you go.

Ind. Reading:

Students will read independently

  • We read
  • Then we did a Journal Entry:
    1. Would you consider yourself “a reader”?
    2. How did taking this class solidify your response to question #1?

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