Assignments 1/25

Algebra 2:

Students will practice solving equations with logarithms

  • I talked about the importance of repitition in learning new math
  • Then we did this page from an older math book
  • There will be a quiz tomorrow or Friday (depending on how fast we get through the Review)

English 12:

Students will use their real-world talents in order to create a unique project regarding the Holocaust / Night

  • The iSearch Table is due today
  • Everyone got to work on their projects
  • Pictures of your 3D Projects are due Friday via email
  • The iSearch Paper is due Friday via email
  • The Video Speech is due Monday via email

Ind. Reading

Students will read independently

  • We read independently
  • We also did a journal entry:
    • Would you like to meet the main character of your book?  Could you be friends?  Explain.

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