Assignments 1/12

Algebra 2:

Students will change from exponential to logarithmic and vice versa

English 12:

Students will use their real-world talents in order to create a unique project regarding the Holocaust / Night

  • We worked on the 3D Project (due the 27th)
  • And the iSearch Table (I check it every couple days)
  • And everyone answered the question on Google Classroom (due today)

Ind. Reading

Students will read independently

  • We read
  • We did a journal entry:
    1. Title and author
    2. Do a Frontier Vocab Activity
    3. (If you don’t remember, frontier words are terms we recognize but don’t know well enough to use in our own language. These are the easiest words to add to our vocabularies)
      • write out the sentence from the book
      • guess the definition
      • find the definition
      • use that word in a sentence of 8+ words.

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