Assignments 12/7

December 7, 2016

Algebra 2:

Students will combine their knowledge of the fundamental counting principle, permutations, and combinations with simple probability to work through more complex probability problems.

English 12:

Students will prove their knowledge of Ch. 1-2 of Night.  They will also more clearly address the incremental devastation of the Holocaust

  • I talked about Ch. 1 of Night
  • We took a quiz over Ch. 1-2
  • We started Ch. 3-5 (due Monday)
  • We watched and discussed a video of how Auschwitz came to be

Ind. Reading

Students will read independently

  • We read
  • We also did a Journal Entry: Frontier Vocabulary word (terms we recognize but don’t know well enough to use in our own language):
    1. Find a word from your reading today and write out the context (the sentence or 10 words surrounding the frontier word in your book).
    2. Provide your own definition of the word (guess!) based on the context (how it’s used in your book).
    3. Use a dictionary (or a smart neighbor) and provide the actual definition.
    4. Write an original sentence of 8+ words using the frontier vocab term.


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