Assignments 11/4

Algebra 2:

Students will use their knowledge of dividing polynomials to answer some “what-if” questions and to use compositions

English 12:

Students will continue to write their Rough Draft

  • Slight change of plans:
    • Monday: The Rough Draft is NOT due. We changed it to Tuesday.
    • Tuesday: The Rough Draft IS due. We’ll go to the library for the first twenty minutes and print out a copy.  You’re going to grade your own, you’re going to grade someone else’s, and someone else is going to grade yours.  You’ll then hand in your printed copy and all grades associated with it.
    • Wednesday: You’ll start on the Final Draft, keeping in mind everyone’s advice (you don’t have to take their advice, but if they noticed something, I will too).
    • Thursday: I’ll talk about correct formatting / Works Cited Page
    • Friday: The Final Draft is due. I’ll do my best to get it back to you on Monday.
  • Don’t forget about your Action Step
  • If you want to add a graph or table from one of the sources you’ve found, watch this video

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