Assignments 9/8

Algebra 2:

Students will use basic rules of matrices to solve systems of equations

  • We practiced little more matrix multiplication on Pg. 257
  • Then we practiced finding the Determinant on Pg. 274
  • Then we used the Determinant to find the solutions to systems on Pg. 282
  • We also started this worksheet

English 12:

Students will use recent knowledge of the time period and “mob mentality” to relate to and discuss attributes of Night

  • We read and discussed Ch. 1 of Night
  • We watched a video on the evolution of Auschwitz
    • Don’t forget: Webquest is due today if you didn’t finish in class!
    • Don’t forget: Ch. 1-2 Guided Reading due Friday! (with a quiz)
    • Don’t forget: Money for the museum is due on the 16th!

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