Assignments 11/12

English 9:

  • I allowed anyone to go to the library and renew their book
  • Then we did a warm-up
  • Then we took notes
  • Then we read “The Best Gift of My Life” and did this Guided Reading with it
  • After that, I had everyone write the paragraphs:
    1. “The Best Gift of My Life” is part of an autobiography; therefore, it is probably biased. In a paragraph, prove that this autobiography is biased.
    2. How would this quote be different if this selection was a biography instead?
    3. The idea behind this memoir is to show the perspective of how a writer comes to be a writer. In a paragraph, show how the entire story would be different if it was a biography instead.


  • I checked to see if everyone had their vocabulary done
  • Then I gave the answers (vocab quiz tomorrow)
  • After that we did a worksheet
  • Then we did a practice quiz
  • Then we did a real quiz

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