Assignments 2/26

February 26, 2015

English 9:

  • We filled in the last box on the Essay Organizer
  • We then turned that organizer into an essay
  • Then we went to the computer lab to type.

Algebra 1:

English 12:

You are on one of two paths:

  • You got your rough draft done and printed two copies.
  • You gave one copy to one person to read using the checklist and the other copy to another person to read using the rubric.  They should offer a ton of suggestions on how you can improve.
  • Once that’s done, you went to work in the computer lab on your Final Draft


  • You did not have your rough draft done and did not get anyone to proof your paper.  You simply went to the lab to continue working.  Good luck.

Either way, when you’re all done, you should format it correctly.  Watch this video to see how to do that.

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