Assignments 2/6

English 9:

  • We read “Hints on Pronunciation for Foreigners“.
  • Then I talked about how The Odyssey can be viewed as a poem and how English is not the best language for it.
  • Then we read “The Witch Circe” and “The Land of the Dead” and a little bit of “Sirens”
  • With this information, #1-15 on the Guided Reading could be answered
  • We also wrote a paragraph: “Describe two instances where ‘offering strangers gifts’ has advanced the story.”

Algebra 1:

English 12:

  • We talked about plagiarism
  • I mentioned what’s needed in an actual research paper
  • Then everyone got a copy of this and this
  • After that, we went to the library and started the Notecards
  • A copy of the Calendar can be found here

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